How to Get Your Toddler to Learn to Brush Their Teeth

Is your toddler in the “terrible two” phase of life? Are they having a hard time getting on board with dental hygiene? Maybe they’ve moved onto the “three-nager” stage and demand to start making decisions on their own. Well fear not new parents, you’re not alone in the daily struggle to make sure your child’s emerging teeth are properly cleaned. At Brusheez, we’re no stranger to this difficult rite of passage and have come up with some tips and tricks to help you and your tot ease into proper dental hygiene! Keep reading for more tips and tricks.

toddler teeth brushing tips
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How to Get Your Toddler to Learn to Brush Their Teeth

1) Power to the Toddlers

Give your child a sense of control and choice. Toddlers and young children love to be the boss. Provide them with a sense of control by making them an integral part of choosing a toothbrush. Narrow down the options to create the perception of autonomous decision-creating anticipation and excitement over a new activity. Brusheez electric toothbrushes come in fun and colorful characters. This makes it easy for your child to find a new pal, guaranteed.

2) Kiddo See, Kiddo Do

Model the act of brushing for your child. Young ones are eager to be like mom and dad so make brushing time an event for the whole family and model healthy habits. Help new brushers build the dentist-recommended brushing habits by making daily brushing a special activity to do with a parent or a game to play with an older sibling. Pair visual aids and timers for an easy way to remember all the steps. Brusheez electric toothbrushes come with a built-in sand timer and rinse cup, making it easy to visually guide children towards brushing for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes and rinsing with ease.

3) Time to Entertain

Pick the medium that works best for them and start the show. Sing a song, find a video, or read a book with your child centered around the importance of brushing your teeth every day. The more positive associations your child pairs with an activity, the easier it will be to introduce new elements to everyday life. Brusheez electric toothbrushes come in a variety of animal characters, making them easy to personify into an entertaining story to excite and entertain your child.

toddler brushing teeth tips
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4) Clean Teeth = Prizes

Provide positive reinforcement and incentives to keep your kid coming back for more. A trip to the park, a favorite snack, or extra playtime are all powerful motivators. These can help to help guide a child into carrying out more mundane tasks. By giving your child extra incentives they are more likely to keep brushing twice a day and create a healthy habit without even realizing it. Brusheez electric toothbrushes come with fun themed brushing charts, creating a great visual reminder of the importance of brushing twice a day through positive reinforcement.

5) Brusheez is Here to Help

Brusheez was designed to include everything a parent and child need to begin creating a life-long oral hygiene routine. Our full set takes doctor recommendations into consideration and includes all the essentials.

  • A battery-operated toothbrush that removes 2 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
  • A fun and colorful character to keep your child engaged
  • A sand timer and rinse cup to hit the recommended 2-minute brushing time and an easy way to rinse.
  • A convenient stand that sits easily on a countertop or can be mounted to suit your bathroom needs.
  • Brusheez will help even the most stubborn kid race you to the bathroom to brush their teeth.

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