Stroops Resistance 90

Portable resistance training system, perfect for at-home workouts.

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Price: $25.65-$71.35


Oxygen Magazine Review

We’re living in 2020, which means we’re (more than likely) doing some kind of training at home — Thanks, COVID-19. That being said, it’s becoming increasingly important to have effective, yet convenient equipment at home to make working out easy. The Stroops Resistance 90 brought just that, and more, to my life.

The product comes with the band (with resistance of your choice), a bar and door anchor. The bar is collapsable, making it super easy to store at home or bring on-the-go in luggage or in a backpack. The resistance band is a great length, it’s durable and easy to attach and detach from the barbell. But what truly sets this product apart is the anchors. Personally, I don’t want to nail a hole in my walls to mount an anchor. Stroops takes the guesswork out of anchoring by offering a choice between the spine strap and the door anchor — yep, no nailing required! I went for the spine strap and it’s been super convenient. I can easily attach to any door in my home without damage.

Mixing traditional strength training with resistance training has always helped me maximize my strength, and this product makes resistance training at home easy. There’s a lot more you can do with a resistance band when you can anchor it to different heights. The Stroops Resistance 90 is definitely a winner in my book.

Oxygen Elite Ambassador Reviews

Stroops Resistance 90 has allowed me to train myself and my clients with complete ease. The bands are very easy to set up, and perfect for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been training clients outdoors, and the Stroops Resistance 90 gives us the ability to mimic many gym movements by using the bar for back, bicep, leg, core, and total body movements. Not only this, but the handles and additional attachments allow us to complete full workouts in a short amount of time by going from one movement to the next with the exact same piece of equipment. The quality is also great! There is no need to worry about the bands snapping or sliding around. The material is fantastic to work with and feels very natural to move with! I love the versatility and the strength of the bands!”

Annie Cooper

“The Stroops Resistance 90 is definitely needed in everyone’s exercise equipment collection! It is extremely versatile, very easy to use and the resistance is awesome. I really enjoyed that it was easy to set up and the fact that it’s very light weight making it very easy to bring with me while traveling. The best part about the equipment is that you can still get a full arm workout without hurting your hands because it’s very easy to grip unlike holding a heavy pound dumbbell. The Stroops Resistance 90 is also great for a full body workout because you can also work out both your legs and core. I would recommend this to all of my clients as a personal trainer because this is one of the best pieces of equipment that I have used so far!”

Noel Davis