Total-Body Parallel Bar Workout

It’s happy hour — time to hit the bar(s)!

If nothing else, 2020 has taught us to be creative with our workouts and that even the simplest equipment can deliver big results. This workout, designed by Oxygen coach and all-around badass Amber Dodzweit Riposta, leverages these groovy Lebert EQualizer bars and is designed to torch calories, shred your core and carve out head-to-toe definition — using nothing but your bodyweight! “Performing certain movements outside the gym can be challenging,” Lebert ambassador Riposta says. “But using equipment like these bars, you can build muscle and increase definition — without lifting a single dumbbell.”

The Workout

Perform each more for 30 seconds and then rest 30 seconds. Repeat each set three to five times through.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Dip to Pike Hold

Set the bars parallel to one another and stand in between them. Take an overhand grip on the bars with your arms straight, then bend your knees and lift your feet so you’re suspended between the bars. Keep your core tight and your chest lifted as you bend your elbows and lower into a dip, descending until your arms make 90-degree angles. Then straighten your arms to full extension and extend your legs in front of you so they are parallel with the floor. Hold briefly and then return to the start.

Amber’s Advice: Make sure your arms are straight but not locked during the pike hold to protect your elbow joints.

Alternating Reverse Lunge to Incline Push-Up

Set the bars parallel to one another and stand facing them with your feet hip-width apart. Take a large step behind you, bending both knees to lunge straight down to the floor. Then push off your back foot and bring your legs together as you lean forward and “fall” between the bars, catching yourself with your hands and lowering right into an incline push-up. Extend your arms to push yourself up and off the bars and back to standing. Continue, alternating legs.

Amber’s Advice: Make this move more explosive to amp the intensity: Drive off that back foot out of the lunge and push yourself up and away with force when coming off the bars.

Pull-Up With Alternating Knee Lift

Set the bars parallel to one another and sit between them. Grasp the bars firmly and plant your feet flat on the floor, knees bent. Draw your shoulder blades together and lift your hips so you’re hanging underneath the bars. Drive your elbows down to pull your chest up between the bars, simultaneously lifting one knee over your hips. Return to the start and continue, alternating knees.

Amber’s Advice: Drive down through your heels for stability and tilt your pelvis anteriorly to best engage your core.

Triceps Extension

Kneel in front of a single bar and place both hands on top about shoulder-width apart, arms straight. Brace your core and then slowly bend your elbows and incline toward the bar, hinging from your knees. Use only your triceps to extend your arms and push you back up to vertical.

Amber’s Advice: Make the most of this single-joint exercise by really squeezing your triceps hard at the top of the move.

Elevated Plank Knee-to-Chest

Lay one bar on its side and place the other upright a few feet away (as shown). Grasp the sides of the lying bar with your arms straight and extend your legs behind you one at a time so your feet rest, laces down, on top of the standing bar. Find your balance and slowly draw your knees into your chest. Pause briefly and then extend your legs to the start.

Amber’s Advice: Your back might tend to sway in this position, putting you at risk for injury. Tuck your hips to protect your lower back and really engage your core for better balance and muscular engagement.

Oblique Twist

Sit next to one bar and grasp the center with both hands. Walk your feet out and plant them flat on the floor, knees bent. Lean back, straighten your arms and lift your hips so your body is parallel with the floor and your core is tight. Keep your feet planted as you pull yourself up and around to the front of the bar to come to standing, twisting toward the bar to finish the move. Reverse the steps to return to the start. Do all reps on one side and then switch.

Amber’s Advice: If you’re having trouble with this move, think of it in two parts: First, “row” yourself up, then use your obliques to twist your body to the top of the bar and come to standing.  

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