Raise Your “Bottom Line” With Workout Wedges

Give your classic glute routine a lift with this simple yet effective piece of equipment.

In need of a lightweight elevation that helps round out your butt and you can take just about anywhere? Incorporating workout wedges to your glute program will help you achieve that and more. The elevation and non-slip surface combination allow you to not only feel safe but also to push through your heels more effectively. When you’re able to push through your heels, this allows for better glute activation in every exercise. With better glute activation, your glutes will respond and shape up in all the right places, and that’s the overall goal, right? Talk about a win-win!

So grab a hold of some workout wedges and let’s build a better butt… after all, it is the largest muscle in our body!

Perform the following exercises in a circuit to feel the burn and achieve a challenging workout!