Time-Efficient Total-Body Kettlebell Workout

Train your body 360 degrees around with this quickie one-kettlebell workout.

There’s something to be said for simplicity, and this minimalist, time-efficient workout is the perfect remedy for jam-packed days. “A unilateral flow like this gets you moving in all planes of motion,” says Lauren Kanski, NASM-CPT, Pn1, FRCms, RYT 200, creator of (and model for) this workout. “I like to call it ‘around the world’ training. It also gets your heart rate up while combining strength and resistance training.”

Choose a weight that is challenging but with which you can move with control, Kanski suggests. “The overhead press and windmill are the most challenging moves, so choose your load based off what weight you are comfortable using for those,” she adds.

Practice each move on its own, then weave them together in order, flowing from one to the next as seamlessly as possible. “Then set the clock for whatever time you have to work out, and flow through three times on one side as a set,” Kanski says. “Get through as many sets as you can on both sides, resting 60 seconds in between sets.”

The Flow

One-Arm Kettlebell Swing

One-Arm Swing

Place a kettlebell on the floor in front of you and stand behind it with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and hinge from your hips with a fl at back to reach down and take an overhand grasp on the handle with your right hand. Hike the kettlebell back between your legs with your arm straight, and as it swings to the front, snap your hips forward as you stand up. The momentum generated should propel the kettlebell to about shoulder height. Control it back between your legs and repeat.

Trainer’s Tip: All the power for the swing comes from your hip hinge, so resist the urge to squat down rather than fold forward.

One-Arm Kettlebell Clean

One-Arm Clean

Using the same form as with the one-arm swing, swing the kettlebell back through your legs, and as it comes forward, drive upward with your elbow to lift the kettlebell to shoulder height. Then flip your elbow underneath and catch the kettlebell lightly on the back of your arm in a racked position.

Trainer’s Tip: Don’t “cast” the kettlebell forward in an arc, which can throw you o -balance. Stay as vertical as possible as you pull the weight upward.

One-Arm Kettlebell Squat to Press

One-Arm Squat to Press

Hold the kettlebell in the racked/clean position as you push your glutes back, then bend your knees to lower into a squat. Extend your knees and hips forcefully to stand up, using that momentum to press the kettlebell overhead as you extend your arm.

Trainer’s Tip: This is meant to be one single move, not two. In order words, don’t do a squat, then stop and do an overhead press. Blend them together as smoothly as possible.

Kettlebell Windmill


Hold the kettlebell with your arm extended straight up over your shoulder, turn both feet to the left and kick your hips to the right. Reach down the inside of your left leg with your left hand until you touch the floor. Stand back upright looking at the kettlebell throughout.

Trainer’s Tip: Turn your head and look up at the kettlebell at all times to ensure your arm is locked and steady, perpendicular to the floor, and to maintain balance.

Knee-Up Lateral Lunge with Kettlebell

Knee-Up Lateral Lunge

Lower the kettlebell down from the windmill back to the racked position. Lift your right knee up to hip height in front of you, then take a large step to the side with your right leg and lower into a deep lateral lunge. Push o your right foot to return to the start, standing on your left foot with your right knee lifted.

Trainer’s Tip: Make sure your toes are pointing forward, parallel, with your weight in your heel to protect your knees.

Knee-Up Reverse Lunge with Kettlebell

Knee-Up Reverse Lunge

Hold the kettlebell in the racked position with your right knee lifted to hip height in front of you. Take a large step behind you with your right foot and bend both knees in a reverse lunge. Push to your rear foot and bring your right leg back through and lift it again to hip height.

Trainer’s Tip: To go into the next round of the fl ow, place your right foot back on the floor, place the kettlebell back down and repeat from the start.