Why Working Out Is More Rewarding Than Ever

There’s a new app that offers serious motivation to accomplish your fitness goals.

Sometimes finding motivation to work out becomes quite a difficult task — we all have those lazy days when Netflix and ice cream sounds better than a hard workout at the gym. To counter these tendencies, there’s a new app on the market. Lympo may totally change the way you approach your fitness routine.

Lympo uses blockchain technology (cryptocurrency, anyone?) to reward you for exercising and leading healthy lives.

What does this mean for us nontechnical folks? You’re rewarded through the app for finishing fitness-related challenges and tasks with LYM tokens, which hold real monetary value.

Boost your self-motivation and even encourage your friends and family uninterested in working out to take the first steps toward a healthier life by earning rewards!

Set a personal fitness goal and get LYM as a reward after successfully reaching it. Not only will you be compensated, but it’s also easier to track personal improvement and challenge yourself more.

You also can join various challenges set up by coaches and major players in the health and fitness industries and be rewarded with LYM tokens upon completion. Strengthen your discipline and have fun at the same time!

The Lympo app connects to lots of fitness and wellness data-tracking apps and wearables so you can track your activity and get personalized advice based on that data.

So what can you buy with LYM tokens after you earn them? LYM tokens will be stored within the app and you can spend them on fitness and wellness goods and products or services from the Lympo marketplace. You also can exchange LYM tokens for real currency, transfer it to another app user or use LYM tokens to cover various fitness event participation fees.

This fitness app has certainly received the Oxygen seal of approval. Give it a shot if you’re looking to spice up your routine, need more motivation — or simply want to earn awesome swag!

To learn more, visit lympo.com.